Application and Enrolment

Application and Enrolment

1. Upon the receipt of your enquiry, you will be provided with pre-enrolment information (e.g. Student Handbook) & enrolment form to enable you to make an informed decision.

2. Complete the enrolment form and provide all documents requested. This can include certified copies of academic qualification, verified copies of English results. Documents requested vary depending on the entry requirements of your chosen course.

3. Your application and documentation will be assessed, ensuring all entry requirements are met. If additional documentation or information required, you will be contacted by our staff.

4. We will check your student visa status via VEVO as necessary.

5. You will be required to participate in our pre-enrolment interview session.

6. Our team will use the documentation and pre-enrolment interview questions to determine your suitability. Please note only students who have met the entry requirements will be offered a place.

7. We will send you an Offer Letter and Written Agreement if you have been deemed as suitable. You will be required to read and sign the document. You will then need to pay the fees as indicated in the Letter of Offer and Written Agreement.

8. Once we have received the signed Offer Letter and Written Agreement, we will send you a confirmation of enrolment (CoE).